Quality Assurance Specialist


Company Description

Lime Vizio Inc is a premier floral and gifting company, delivering flowers since 2010.

LIME VIZIO has a tradition of excellence in flower delivery, and today we are one of the largest and most trusted online floral and gift retailers in the US and Canada. LIME VIZIO takes pride in being a leader in quality, innovation, artistry, and dependability. That tradition of innovation and forward-thinking has grown LIME VIZIO into a gifting powerhouse, with a family of brands that includes Blossom Flowers, Sunny Flowers, and Gift on Schedule. Our entrepreneurial culture and unwavering commitment to our people create a dynamic work environment that celebrates collaboration, quality, superior service, and constant innovation.

LIME VIZIO is an e-commerce technology company focused on providing product development and services support on multiple processes, domains, and technologies..


  • The Quality Assurance Specialist evaluates our customers’ experience as they interact with our Associates through inbound and outbound calls, email, chat responses and etc...
  • The Quality Assurance Specialist compares it against the Company’s standards of performance and Scorecard or Rubric
  • The Quality Assurance Specialist assesses Associates’ demeanor, technical accuracy, customer service performance, and conformity to company policies/procedures and regulatory guidelines
  • Blossom Flower and Delivery Quality Assurance Specialist uses a quality monitoring system to compile and track performance and provides actionable data and feedback to our Associates, coaches and managers as well as to various internal support groups, as requested
  • The Quality Assurance Specialist delivers effective coaching to contact agents, are expected to participate in call calibration sessions on an ongoing basis and have a pivotal role to play in developing customer experience and Associate’s holistic approach in engaging with Blossom Flower and Delivery’s business partners

o  Evaluate Blossom Flower and Delivery agent’s performance by extensive evaluation of call recording and following the guidelines and processes of the Quality Assurance Department

o   Has the ability to discuss the Quality guidelines and goals of Blossom Flower and Delivery

o   Have strong organizational and interpretation skills and attention to details

o   Dedicated to improving the customer experience and the voice of the customer

o   Develop quality assurance standards and company processes

o   Ensure to meet customer’s expectations and demand


  • DESKTOP/LAPTOP: i5 with at least 4 GB RAM and win10.
  • USB TYPE Headset with Noise Cancellation feature.
  • Wired Internet Connection with at least a minimum of 10mbps for the Internet download speed.


  • 3 months or more stay with Blossom Flower Delivery
  • Insights in Processor, Sales and Support
  • At least Quality Assurance Experience in the past (but not required)
  • Can work independently with minimal supervision
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Preferably with 95% Reliability Score
  • Flexible with work hours
  • No current corrective actions
  • Keen to details

COMPENSATION PACKAGE:  $3.50 per hour rate plus prorated 13th month pay bonus


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