Network & Server Admin


Company: Lime Vizio Inc

Campaign: Blossom Flower Delivery


Job Title: Network & Server Admin


Company Description

Lime Vizio Inc is a premier floral and gifting company, delivering flowers since 2010.

LIME VIZIO has a tradition of excellence in flower delivery, and today we are one of the largest and most trusted online floral and gift retailers in the US and Canada. LIME VIZIO takes pride in being a leader in quality, innovation, artistry, and dependability. That tradition of innovation and forward-thinking has grown LIME VIZIO into a gifting powerhouse, with a family of brands that includes Blossom Flowers, Sunny Flowers, and Gift on Schedule. Our entrepreneurial culture and unwavering commitment to our people create a dynamic work environment that celebrates collaboration, quality, superior service, and constant innovation.

LIME VIZIO is an e-commerce technology company focused on providing product development and services support on multiple processes, domains, and technologies.

A Network & Server Admin at Blossom Flowers will have an essential role in administering and managing the company’s local area network and cloud-based hostings. 


The Network & Server Admin will require troubleshooting, cloud hosting related technical issues, in addition to providing hardware and software support and solutions to employees as well as clients. It also requires a good understanding of Linux.

Required Skills

    • 1+ years of experience working on cloud hosting environments. AWS environment with good understanding and knowledge
    • Have a good understanding of managing systems and services on cloud providers like AWS or GCP
    • Sound understanding of working on different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, etc
    • Good understanding of web servers (Apache, Nginx, etc), SQL databases & PHP/Node.js/Python installation as well as configuration
    • Command-line tools knowledge (ex. SSH, Bash)
    • Experience in any scripting language (Bash scripting, python, etc)
    • 1+ years experience in networking including LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, Router/Firewall Management, etc.
    • The candidate should be proficient in troubleshooting OS and network-related issues with good interpersonal communication skills and good presentation skills.
    • Thorough understanding of Windows, Linux, and macOS desktop environments.

      Good to Have

      • Experience and knowledge of managing Linux-based hosting servers (Ex. AWS EC2 instances).
      • Basic understanding of DevOps concepts can be a plus
      • Experience/Knowledge of Monitoring Services for hosted systems.
      • Should be proactive with managing and defining options in a cloud environment.
      • DNS management experience.
      • Development experience using LAMP architecture.
      • Code Repositories Management (Ex. Git).
      • G Suite Management.
      • Working experience in managing Unifi Controllers and Ubiquiti routers.
      • IPv6 networking experience.
      • Good Communication Skills.


        • Troubleshoot desktop computer issues: Identity, investigate and resolve problems in the quickest way possible.
        • Look after a firewall and content filter.
        • Handle all the server roles such as DNS, Web Server, Database Server, etc.
        • Manage cloud hosting servers, and services installed on those servers.
        • Communicate with cloud hosting support for technical queries.
        • Work on hosting servers to create/update sites and install new software/services.
        • Manage and control server(s) via SSH.
        • Configure file permissions for various websites.
        • Maintain prevention plans to keep websites secure from hacking attempts.
        • Look after all network/server-related tasks and regularly come up with strategies for improvement.
        • Regular documentation on server and network policies and protocols.